Astral Travel - Quick Start Guide Part 5

Astral Projection & Travel

Generally speaking, the concept of ‘getting lost in the astral’ sounds really neat, but that’s about all. In a nut shell: don’t worry. The hardest part is getting out of your body.

There are an incredible number of ways to pop back into your body. Generally speaking, the simple desire to return to your body is often enough. Even if you do get ‘stuck’ out of your body, you’ll pop back in as soon as you get tired, hungry, or need the bathroom. Returning is automatic, long before there is any risk. Your main concern will most certainly be staying out until you really want to return.

Things to Remember about Astral Travel

You can’t be hurt in the astral. The worst thing that can happen in the astral is that you are surprised and you pop yourself back to your body with a case of Astral Whiplash.

Astral Whiplash is the term for suddenly snapping back to your body. The most common cause is being startled by something like the ringing of a phone or doorbell. The worst case scenario that is likely to happen with astral whiplash is a mild headache and fatigue.

The cure is simple: eat a little, drink a bit of water or juice, and take a nap. You’ll wake up feeling right as rain. Leaning astral travel takes time and patience. I’ve seen people who were able to have regular success within 6 weeks, and others for whom it took a few months for the results to manifest. The only thing that can stop you from achieving success is quitting.

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