Seeing Auras & Energies - Exercise 2

Learning to See Auras & Energies

The following exercise will help you develop your natural ability to see auras and energies. In this exercise the goal is to improve your eye's precision. This exercise should be performed on a regular basis. Once a day should be sufficient. Keep in mind not to overdo it or you could strain your eyes, which is not beneficial or helpful in any way.


Ensure that you are completely relaxed before beginning this exercise. You will need to save a copy of the image below; then print it out. Make sure that you are seated comfortably in a room with low light or candlelight. Place the sheet of paper with the spiral on a table or flat surface in front of you.

The Exercise:

A fairly slow and steady pace is best. Start by choosing a direction. Start at the inside and work your way out or start at the outside and work your way in. Either way, when you reach the other end, pause for a moment, and go back the other way. As you trace along the black spiral you should feel your inner eye working. In the beginning you should only try 4 to 6 completed cycles. Eye precision is the key here.

This exercise will help you develop your ability to see auras and energies by improving visual precision.

Expectation of Results:

For some people it will only take a few weeks to notice interesting results. Other people will find that it takes them longer. How fast you achieve results will depend largely on you. Performing the exercises regularly is the best way of obtaining results. Remember, pushing too hard will only slow you down due to eye strain.

Eye Strain Warning:

Do not over do it. You can cause eye strain if you work at it for too long in the beginning. If you feel any strain at all, stop and take a few minutes to rest your eyes. Wait a few days; then try the exercise again for a much shorter period of time.

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