Exploring the Spiritual and Esoteric Worlds

Exploring the Spiritual and Esoteric Worlds

Our esoteric section features information & guides relating to the Aura, Astral Projection and Travel, along with a collection of meditations and more. Watch for regular updates and expansions of our content.

Our detailed section on Astral Projection and Travel provides both general information as well as a detailed guide. The guide will help you to learn how to project and travel in the astral.

Astral Travel & Out-of-Body Experiences

Our guide on learning to see the Aura and other energies will help you to develop your natural ablity to see these energies. You'll also find information on how to balance, cleanse, and repair the aura through simple meditations and other techniques.

Seeing, Strengthening, Reading & Repairing Auras

We have a collection of meditations along with Meditation music / audio files available for free download. We also have a meditation journal that you can download and use. The downloads are all free.

Meditations & Visualizations

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