Advanced Aura Balancing Technique

Strengthening, Repairing, & Cleansing Your Aura

This technique builds upon the Simple Aura Balancing Technique and it is beneficial to be familiar with that exercise before proceeding with this one. In addition, this technique relies on the Simple Breath Meditation that you should also be familiar with at this point. With this technique, repairing and strengthening of the aura is much faster.

How it Works and Why

This meditation works almost identically to the simple meditation (I've repeated the information below for ease of reference) with one exception. The use of the Simple Breath Meditation provides a dramatic increase in mental focus. This additional focus causes an equally dramatic increase in the effectiveness of the meditation.

The blue light is a solid color for protection and will help with aura strengthening, while the golden ball and flecks of gold will help with aura cleansing. Having the blue light balanced around you will help to bring your aura into balance and even out your energies, while smoothing out any holes and causing them to be sealed as the energies balance.

Breathing in white light pulls clean and pure energy into you, while exhaling the black helps you to expel negative energies. Please note that black is not actually a negative color; however, with the psychological view society has placed on the color, it does tend to work quite well for this purpose.

Step 1: Perform the Simple Breath Meditation for a few minutes.

Step 2: Continue the regulated breathing established in the previous step and add these visualizations taken from the simple version of the aura balancing mediation.

1. Visualize yourself surrounded in a rich, deep blue light.

2. Visualize a golden ball of light just above your head.

3. Visualize flecks of golden light drifting down from the golden ball.

Step 3: Add these visualizations to the rhythm of your breathing:

1. While you are breathing in, visualize yourself inhaling pure white energy.

2. While you are holding your breath, visualize yourself engulfed in a pillar of pure white light.

3. While you are breathing out, visualize yourself exhaling a dark cloud of energy.

4. While you are holding your breath with lungs empty, feel a perfect balance within your energies.

Step 4: When you are ready to end the meditation, stop the above visualizations after the exhaling step.

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