Cleansing Bath to Balance, Cleanse & Repair Your Aura

Strengthening, Repairing, & Cleansing Your Aura

The aura cleansing bath is a simple yet effective method to help clean your aura. These techniques in combination with the other meditations and techniques on my site make an extremely effective method of balancing and strengthening your personal energies. Together, they provide a solid foundation. Things you’ll need:

- Sea salt
- 20-60 minutes

- Incense
- Candles
- Bath Oil
- Soothing Meditation Music

Preparation: You may wish to review one of the aura cleansing meditations on the site. Take a quick shower to clean off some of the ‘psychic dirt’ you have picked up during the day. Make sure you have a safe place for your incense and candles. Decide whether you want to have the incense burning during your bath or for a few minutes before your bath. You don’t want the incense to be overpowering, but the aroma of the incense should fill the room. If you choose to use candles, start off with either white or blue. Prepare the bathtub by rinsing it with water. Then sprinkle a bit of sea salt and rinse it out again. Keep in mind that while this is an aura cleansing bath, its also a bath, and should be relaxing and enjoyable.

The Aura Cleansing Bath:

Step 1: Preparing the water

After your plug is securely in place, sprinkle some sea salt where the water lands. For the first minute or two, fill the tub with hot water to dissolve the sea salt. Be careful not to burn yourself. Once the sea salt has dispersed, adjust the water to a comfortable temperature. Make sure that the water is the right temperature (not too hot). When the tub is sufficiently filled, sprinkle a small amount of sea salt across the surface of the water and wait a few moments before hopping in.

Step 2: Relax, enjoy

An important part of the aura cleansing bath is to relax. The candles and incense should create an atmosphere that is very relaxing and soothing. Take the time to really enjoy your time alone.

Step 3: Cleaning your energies

When you are ready, begin the meditation to clean and balance your aura. Take several minutes to really do a good job. Then start draining the water from the tub. As the water starts to drain, lie down and feel the flow of the water. As you feel the water draining away, visualize a black cloud of energy being drawn away from you; feel it swirling away from you, down the drain. Wait until all the water has drained from the tub, and a few minutes longer.

Step 4: Finishing up

Carefully hop out of the tub and dry off. Then take at least a minute or two to complete a quick cleaning of your aura once again with the aura cleansing meditation. Now you can blow out your candles, put out the incense, and slip into some nice clean clothes. You have cleansed your aura.

Notes on incense: These types of incense tend to work better than others for the cleansing bath:
- Patchouli
- Frankincense
- Dragon’s Blood

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