Strengthening & Repairing Auras

Strengthening, Repairing, & Cleansing Your Aura

This is our collection of simple techniques that will allow you to Cleanse, Balance, and Repair your aura.

This is our simplest technique for Balancing your Aura. It also helps to repair your aura while also slowly repairing your aura.

Simple Aura Balancing Technique

Our advanced technique for Repairing, Balancing, and Cleansing your aura is build upon the foundation of the Simple Technique listed above. It also has the benefit of helping to balance and open your Charkra.

Advanced Aura Balancing Technique

Our Cleansing Bath is very effective at clearing away any negative or harmful enegies that you may have picked up. While a seemingly simple technique it is one of the more potent personal cleansings that a person can easily perform.

Cleansing Bath

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