Astral Travel - Quick Start Guide Part 4

Astral Projection & Travel

This is what all of the previous work has been leading up to. The goal here is consciously-controlled astral projection. Remember, it is a natural and safe process that anyone can learn and enjoy.

The process is the same as in the previous exercise. Once you have formed your astral material and have a good sense of it, you can proceed with one of the options outlined below.

Exactly what will get you into your astral body is an individual and personal matter, but one of these options should work. Even if you have trouble, astral projection will happen naturally over time as you continue to work with the exercises and your astral material.

Option 1: Using Your Focus Of Consciousness

Somewhere within us is a point where our awareness is focused. As our legs are extensions of our body, our senses are extensions of our consciousness.

Find your centre of conscious awareness. For me it is my third eye. It varies in different people, but the third eye is a common place. The only thing that matters is where this place is for you.

Once you have found your centre, focus on that spot on your astral form. Don’t force or strain. It will only prevent you from projecting. Let it come naturally.

Option 2: Variation of Option 1

When forming your astral body, position it facing you from above. Then try to feel yourself within your astral form, ready to open your eyes and look down at your physical body.

When you feel yourself firmly aware of your astral body, open your eyes and look down at yourself. At first you may end up looking straight up at the ceiling from within your physical body. Don’t worry if it takes more than a few tries. Remember to always reclaim your astral material.

Option 3: Simple Breath

This one is probably rather obvious. By this point you should be familiar with the subtle sensations of the energies we are working. If not, don’t worry. We all perceive things differently, and these things can be extremely hard to describe.

Once you have your astral body formed firmly, focus your mind on the astral form. Begin to work with the Simple Breath Meditation, but focus your mind and your senses fully on your astral form. And remember not to strain. When you are ready, you will automatically transfer to your astral form.

Option 4: Be Creative

There are as many methods as there are people who astral project. If you have trouble even after working with all of the suggestions above, don’t forget the most important thing. If you’ve come this far, and worked at it sincerely, then you are ready. It’s only a matter of time. Try different things. But always remember to do these exercises laying down and to reclaim your astral material.

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