Astral Travel - Quick Start Guide Part 3

Astral Projection & Travel

This part expands on the meditation sequence you have built. The objective here is to consciously control the flow of energies. It is from this ability that you will consciously form your astral body when you begin to actually project yourself.

In the beginning, this exercise will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Working with Raw Astral Material This exercise must be performed laying on your back. Start by performing the exercise outlined in Part 2. As soon as you have fully formed the spheres, proceed as directed below. A

Allow the visualization of the spheres and white shaft to fade. From your diaphragm (roughly below the centre of your rib cage), visualize a cloud of silver mist flowing upwards.

Once the mist funnel has reached a few feet in height, visualize it forming into a rough cloud-like shape the size of your body.

Work with the visualization for a while. Allow yourself to feel the flow of energy. Let the image form firmly.

When you are ready to finish this exercise, visualize the astral cloud being drawn back into your diaphragm. Once you have reabsorbed all of the silver mist, the meditation is complete.

Notes on Part 3

The objective is not to project yourself, but to prepare yourself. This is a mental, physical, and metaphysical ‘warm up’ exercise to help you prepare for projection. Some people do project while working with this exercise.

You should work with this exercise until you are able to form the astral cloud easily and quickly. Even if you forget to reabsorb the silver mist it will be drawn back to you slowly.

There is no risk of losing the material. It is a part of you that will come back into place on its own.

Despite the fact that you cannot actually lose your astral material, it is very important to reclaim the material when you are done. Doing so helps to bring the entire process under your direct conscious control and will make all aspects of astral travel easier as you progress.

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