Astral Travel - Quick Start Guide Part 2

Astral Projection & Travel

Part 2 involves a slight variation of the Simple Breath Meditation that will allow you to properly energize and balance your Chakras (energy centres) for astral projection.

This meditation sequence will progress to reach a duration of at least 30 minutes.

The Chakras: A Ladder of Light Leading to Astral Travel

Maintain the Simple Breath Meditation until you have reached a state of relaxed focus.

1. Visualize a glowing WHITE sphere of light an inch above the top of your head.

2. Visualize a WHITE shaft of light descending from the sphere.

3. Bring this shaft of light down until it reaches a point just in front of the centre of your forehead (third eye).

4. Visualize a GREY sphere of energy in front of your third eye. This sphere should be situated half inside your forehead and half outside it.

5. Bring the WHITE shaft of light down to the centre of your throat.

6. Visualize a PURPLE sphere in front of, but not touching. the centre of your throat.

7. Bring the WHITE shaft of light down to the centre of your chest, over the heart.

8. Visualize a YELLOW or GOLDEN sphere in front of the centre of your chest.

9. Bring the WHITE shaft of light down to a position in front of your groin, approximately at the level where the root of your spine and tailbone meet.

10. Visualize a LAVENDER sphere in front of your groin.

11. Bring the WHITE shaft of light down to a position directly between your feet.

12. Visualize a sphere that is shimmering with the 7 colors of a prism.

Hold this visualization. Let it become clear. Feel the energy and the way it moves in and out of your energy centres as you breathe.

Notes on Part 2

Work with this meditation until you can maintain it for at least 30 minutes.

The reason the purple sphere should not touch your throat is that after a while the energy can cause muscle contractions in the throat that start to prompt a gag reflex.

Every person that works with this exercise will realize that they must instinctively make slight adjustments to the position of their spheres. They should be the colour indicated, and in the general location noted.

The exact positioning and colors of the Chakras are different than what you might consider the general standard. That is because it is for a very specific purpose, astral projection. These positions and colors are intended to aid that purpose.

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