Variations in Paranormal Activity & Hauntings

Hauntings, the Haunted, and the Paranormal

Sometimes, hauntings are a little more intricate. They can be focused on specific people, places, times or events. This section will give you a brief idea of how these particular factors work, and their effects.

Let's start off by taking a look at hauntings that are either personally-focused or object-focused in nature.

Personally-Focused Haunting

A haunting can be focused on a specific person. It can and often does follow the person from home to home, continuing regardless of how many times the individual relocates. This is the one kind of disturbance that I dread more than any other. Such a haunting can be attracted by events in the person’s past or events in their current life. It is difficult to deal with this form of haunting with great effectiveness, because it depends almost entirely upon the person and their openness and honesty. Sometimes these types of hauntings occur for seemingly random reasons. Often they are drawn by something about that person that is out of the ordinary.

Object-Focused Haunting

Sometimes hauntings are attracted by a certain object or "thing". This in itself is fairly easy to deal with; we simply locate the object, clear it properly and dispose of it. I wouldn't recommend a garbage can. It could be considered offensive or hostile and only provoke the haunting further.

The first best solution here is to clear the object of its energies, and depending on the situation, cross over or banish the entity that is attached to it. Failing to properly remove the entity from our world leaves it here to cause more trouble. Failing to properly discharge and dispose of the object will likely attract something else to it. Either way, the problem continues. Once the object is cleared, and the entity removed, it is time to deal with the object. It should be safe to keep around, but burning it, or giving it away might be a better solution.

The second best bet is to dispose of it by tossing it in a field or forest, somewhere out in the countryside, hopefully where it is unlikely to attract much attention. This way, any energies remaining in or around the object will be better able to disperse peacefully. Needless to say, sometimes people aren't too willing to part with their possessions in order to rid themselves of a haunting. In this case, it can make the process of permanently removing the haunting a much more difficult task.

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