Good or Bad - The Paranormal Affect

Hauntings, the Haunted, and the Paranormal

This is a difficult question; however, the answer is relatively simple. Paranormal activity, regardless of the type or intention, is a form of energy. People generate a large amount of energy and their homes slowly absorb this energy, making the place feel less empty, and more like home.

The paranormal activity in haunted houses produce energy that often interferes with and restricts this natural process. Ultimately, the energy of a haunted house can influence and disturb a person without their even taking notice of its subtle influence. Your home should idealy be clear of all such energy, leaving it open for your own energies.

In simple terms, no paranormal activity is overly beneficial, particularily in our living spaces. Even one that produces good effects and is protective may ultimately be unhealthy. It is still a matter of energy and influence. We are often better off to live our lives without such interference. Just make sure you keep your eyes open to the possibility of their often unforeseen influences.

Many people would likely disagree with me, but if you have a haunting that you do not believe is having a negative impact on you, then you can choose to leave it alone.

There is also one other point of view that you should not ignore, however. If we are talking about a haunting by a spirit, or other entity with conscious intelligence, then we must look at the fact that it is not in its proper place.

Besides, here is one thought you should really think about. Let's say you have a dear relative hanging around after their time has been and gone. At the same time, it's nice they are there, and it makes us feel better. Where is the guarantee that when you move on, either from this place, or this particular life, that they will move on too? That dear relative that is so comforting may well be stuck there for a very long time indeed.

We must ask ourselves if it is right to allow this entity to continue in a situation that is not natural or productive for it. Should we allow it to stay or should we help it on its way? It comes down to a moral decision, one that does not involve just us and our own interests.

Ultimately, any form of paranormal activity is something that requires some serious thought and consideration. These situations require far more care and attention, and far more consideration, than simply "spraying" them away or carelessly using them for entertainment.

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