Types of Hauntings & Paranormal Activity

Types of Paranormal Activity Commonly Encountered in Haunted Places

With hauntings it is relatively easy to classify the situation into a general cause-and-effect category, and by doing so it makes it much easier to determine the most appropriate course of action to rectify the situation.

It is important to conduct a systematic investigation of the paranormal activity present and to formulate an appropriate plan of action. Otherwise, it can be all too easy to find ourselves caught up in the mystery and adventure of the “Haunted House" syndrome, which can actually make the problem worse.

By remaining objective, and following a standard course of investigation, we can more clearly view and handle the situation.

The categories I have listed below are the most broad that can be reasonably used. Step-by-step we can investigate and step-by-step we become more focused and get closer to the cause and a cure. By simply jumping into conclusions, we can easily miss the fundamental cause of a haunting and end up with a situation that reoccurs, or one that becomes worse.

With the different 'categories' of paranormal activity listed below, as well as insights into how to handle these situations, it is my hope that you will have information and tools at your disposal that will assist you in handling whatever situations you may face.

One of the keys to determining the type of haunting present is to analyze the paranormal activity presented by the situation. Spirit hauntings will often exhibit and emotional or identifiable pattern that we understand and identify with.

Entity hauntings, on the other hand, may produce paranormal activity that is not actually logical or familiar to us at first, yet will begin to make sense and show patterns.

Energy hauntings tend to produce paranormal activity that may not always be random as such, but instead will tend towards erratic.

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