A Simple Definition for Hauntings and Paranormal Activity

Hauntings, the Haunted, and the Paranormal

A haunting is the presence of energy that has an effect on us -- directly or indirectly -- or on our surroundings. Admittedly, this is a very open-ended definition.

For the average person with little or no knowledge or practical experience in mystical matters, this definition encompasses the majority of different paranormal activity collectively refered to as hauntings. Paranormal activity that falls under this general definition can generally be dealt with using similar methods.

There are many different types of hauntings,and knowing exactly what you are facing is the most important part of successfully handling with these phenomena.

Almost any place can be or become haunted. It can also be said that hauntings manifest many in many different ways producing a wide range of different forms of paranormal activity. A calm head and a thorough investigation are part of the best approach to deal with any haunted places or disturbances.

To assist you in exploring haunted houses and other paranormal activity, I have created Types Of Hauntings & Paranormal Activity and Variations In Paranormal Activity & Hauntings, which explains the various types of hautings you may encounter and how best to approach the situation.

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