Variations In Paranormal Activity & Hauntings - Part 2

Hauntings, the Haunted, and the Paranormal

Location-Focused Haunting

This type of haunting is almost the same as an object-focused haunting, except that it is focused on a place instead of a thing. With these forms of haunting it is critical to find out WHY the haunting is focused on this specific location. The most likely reasons are either events that have occurred or energies that have simply become stuck there and have taken on the location as a "home." Without putting a little effort into finding the motivation for the haunting, and resolving this particular issue, the chances of a recurrent haunting are rather high. The source reason must be dealt with in all haunting situations, otherwise there is little reason to think that the haunting will not recur once the methods and energies used to clear the haunting have dispersed.

Time and Event-Focused Haunting

Sometimes a specific time or event can trigger a haunting. This can be yearly, weekly, daily or any other pattern that relates to specific events or times. The less frequent the events are, the more difficult the haunting is to track, interact with and ultimately clear. These tend to be more common hauntings than people might realize, but this is simply because such hauntings are not constant and therefore do not attract as much attention. Of course, it can have the exact opposite effect, depending on the time/event involved. It is nearly impossible to be more specific about this type of haunting focus as the factors involved are very case specific.

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