Astral Travel, Simple Aura Cleansing, Exploring Haunted Houses

Our in depth section on haunted houses will provide you with detailed information and explanations of various types of hauntings as well as some chilling case excerpts. Within the personal development section the focus is on practical exercises including both astral projection and meditation. In the Guides & Resources section you will find detailed guides related to the personal development material as well as downloadable mp3 meditation files.

Haunted Houses

Dive into the world of haunted places and the investigation of haunted houses. Excerpts from investigation case files. Detailed, easy to understand information.

Explore the world of haunted houses...

Astral Travel

Learning the art of Astral Travel, also known as Astral Projection, is a safe and simple process that most people should be able to learn with time and patience.

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Aura: Cleansing, Seeing, Balancing

The ability to see auras is perfectly natural and is easy to learn. Aura cleansing is a simple process that goes hand in hand with aura balancing. Here are all the tools you need!

Explore the aura, cleansing, balancing, and more... is based in Quebec City, Qu├ębec, Canada.

All materials by Trinity C. McKenzie. Extensive research has been conducted into the exploration of haunted houses, techniques for aura cleansing and balancing, as well as astral travel.